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Who we are?

- A pioneer of teambuilding in Russia – young, talented and creative
- Teambuilding programs for companies interested in developing high performance teams
- Unique product tailored to your needs
- Superior level of service quality

What we do?

- Teambuilding trainings
- Corporate events
- Incentive trips with teambuilding activities in Russia and worldwide

A winning combination – Incentive Program and Teambuilding!
Recognition – the best reward for your team members
Fun – memorable time and common experience
Exploration – personal growth and team development

We offer a wide range of incentive tours for foreigners in Russia

- Russian adventures
- Russian traditions
- Russian history
- Russian nature
- Russian extreme

We organize teambuilding trainings, delivered by our multilingual facilitator personnel. The training structure and strategy are carefully planned together with the client in accordance with the company and corporate culture objectives.

Here are some of the most popular programs.

Teambuilding trainings


  • An active outdoor game
  • Team competition
  • Communicative, creative, engineering and rope tasks
  • Effective teamwork skills
  • Festive atmosphere
  • Number of participants - 50-200


  • An active outdoor team game
  •  Points assigned for task fulfilling enable the teams to acquire necessary construction materials
  • Each team is responsible for a certain construction stage
  • The final stage is corporate building construction
  • Number of participants - 30-100

The city treasure hunt

  • Effective teamwork experience in non-standard atmosphere
  • Interactive sightseeing
  • Number of participants – 20 150

AKA Camel Trophy

  • An exciting off-road program
  •  Trophy-riding with real and artificial obstacles
  •  Teamwork – crews
  • Off-road instruction, winching techniques, practice, technical and navigating aids usage
  •  Developing team spirit, mutual trust and respect
  •  Number of participants – 8-30

Yacht sailing regatta

  • Yachting training and practice
  • Crew competitions, regatta
  • Teamwork experience , developing team spirit and trust
  • Number of participants - 8-50

Whiskey club

  • The participants create and use a unique distillation “Samogon machine” to make real whiskey
  • Whiskey is put into a barrel to be stored in the company's cellar for a special occasion
  • Teamwork experience, festive atmosphere
  • Number of participants - 50-300

Ropes course

  • Teams are involved in low and high ropes tasks
  • Deep emotions, team support, overcoming personal barriers and teamwork guaranteed
  • Number of participants – 5 -120

Incentive programs

Historical treasure hunt in Kolomna.

Adam Olearius was one of a few foreigners who came down to Russia in XVI, recorded his observations in detail and even made sketches of the places he visited. A-route from Moscow to Persia a part of his gifts and merchandise disappeared. We give you chance to find his treasures in a picturesque town of Kolomna! You`ll take part in an interactive historical program combining folklore activities, old map reading, honey wine tasting and learning the ancient Russian warrior craft!

Suzdal – Russian traditions insight!

An enchanting experience of the Russian bath with grass extracts, contrast water procedures, birch tree branches after hands-on part – pottery, braiding cloth dolls, covering wooden spoons with drawings. The culmination will take you to dancing the Russian khorovod (circle dance) and singing Russian songs! Russia will stay in your heart forever!

Fountain orienteering in the Russian Versaillers.

Peter the Great, one of the most powerful Russian monarchs, introduced Russia to the West, planting the fertile national ground with the international enlightenment seeds, preserved in a great number of magnificent architectural monuments. We offer a very active program that includes elements of the terrain orientation at Peterghof, Peter the Great`s grand residence, famous for its incredibly beautiful fountains. By taking part in the game, you`ll take a deeper look at the marvelous fountain history and architecture.

Baikal – admire the beauty of the Russian nature.

Everyone who has been to the shores of Baikal – one of the biggest and most ancient lakes of the world – is impressed and charmed by its size and grandeur! You set up a comfortable camp with the tents for living, dining, even for the Russian bath just next to the lake! As a member of eco-expedition you`ll be trekking, horse riding and kayaking across the river. You take a boat ride and get the chance to dive in the incredibly transparent waters of Baikal. Breathtaking!...

Kamchatka – try the Russian extreme!

Kamchatka… The wonderful land with taiga and tundra, vivacious rivers and mortal volcanoes, perpetual snows and hot springs. The way we offer you to explore the place is challenging!... You participate in an expedition with unexpected development… See your team make decisions and take immediate actions in extraordinary situations. Are you ready for 4x4, rafting, orienteering experience? Great! Enjoy!

Project geography

Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Turkey, Tunis, Croatia, Majorca, Malta, Singapore, Jordan, Uganda, Brazil, Iceland, Great Britain, Poland, Montenegro, Egypt, Oman, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Armenia and others

Among our clients are most of leading Russian and multinational companies.

Do you need a professional team of passionate players to take your team for an exciting trip to the teambuilding heights?
Get your Team to Russia with “Nasha Komanda”!

Contact details

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38/1, Oktyabrskaya ul.,
Moscow, 127018, Russia
+7 (495) 789-64-29
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